Do you have the wish to make illustrations of you own but are you afraid to start because you think you can’t really draw? Well, think again! Well, Manon knows éveryone can learn how to draw!

In this seven day course Manon will inspire you to find joy and freedom in drawing. To (re)discover the magic of the pencil and a blank paper. 

Through different exercises  you will get to know many new materials, explore all the ways you can tell a visual story and you will learn to let go and have fun. ‘Just do it!’

We explore a wide range of illustrative possibilities like childrens-book illustration, poster design, character design and editorial illustration. With her sense of humor and a love for her craft Manon will challenge you to push yourself in ways you didn’t know you were possible. If you learn to let go of your expectations and try to experiment instead you will find your own way of visual storytelling. The more you draw the more you will create your own style. 

Experience with drawing is not a must in this course, all levels are welcome as Manon has a very personal approach towards every student. It is however important that you are willing to be creative. These classes are not to teach you how to be a technically perfect drawer, they are about experiment, getting confidence and having fun with with your own abilities.

Everyone from every skill level is welcome in this course, there is 10 student limit however.

The course was very inspiring and has taught me a lot about how I can approach illustration. It won’t tell you ‘This is how you SHOULD do things’ but rather ‘This is how you COULD do things. There is a lot of room for personal development, and also, I could actually apply the things I had learned in my illustration work.

When: 7 x wednesday – 10.00 to 13.00h – 25/11, 2/12, 9/12, 16/12, 23/12, 13/01, 20/01
Result: Exploring a wide range of illustrative possibilities
Costs: €395,- incl. materials, coffee and tea
Teacher: Manon Bijkerk
Participants: max. 11 pers.


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